An Analysis of Trends in Road Transport and Policy Directives to Address Emissions

Kerry Anne Cort, Denise Simmons & Navin Chandarpal

SEES Research Series •   First published: 2013


Increase in vehicle usage in a developing nation like Guyana contributes to projected global greenhouse gas emissions. Although a net emitter, Guyana still shares the global responsibility to mitigate against climate change. This preliminary study examined the current state of vehicle trends and its effect on creating an efficient road transport sector. The study used a mixed method. Both quantitative and qualitative data were used to converge broad numeric trends in the vehicles registered and the issues related to policy implementation as described by key transportation and environmental agencies. The annual rate of increase for road vehicles was found to be 15% with an increase in passenger cars and light-duty vehicles. The trends also reveal that these vehicles are mostly used and reconditioned.  The policy measures recommended by this study included changing the current taxing system and improving efficiency in passenger travel. In this regard, the value of environmental consideration in the transport sector of the country needs to be strengthened and greater efforts are needed to investigate and monitor our vehicle fleet.

Keywords: emissions, vehicles, climate change, passenger cars, estimations, trends


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