An Investigation into the Advancement of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Beverage Bottle Recycling in Georgetown, Guyana

Carlene Bascom, Isidro Espinosa & Hubert Urlin

SEES Research Series   •   First published: 2013


Improper disposal of waste has resulted in a number of risks to human health and the environment. This is compounded by the fact that PET beverage bottles are considered stock pollutants. This study was conducted in Georgetown, Guyana. A structured survey of 203 households, and interviews with local PET recyclers, beverage companies, and key informants in waste management were carried out. The study revealed that there is both a need to recycle PET beverage bottles and room for PET recycling to advance, under the right conditions.

Keywords: PET Beverage Bottle, waste disposal, recycling


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