Conservation of Historic Buildings in Georgetown, Guyana

Krishna Shivsankar, Allyson Stoll and Omar Bission

📃• URC22 Abstract • 

Published: May 18, 2022Book of Abstracts of the 4th Undergraduate Research Conference. University of Guyana, Office for Undergraduate Research.

Krishna Shivsankar ✉️ Department of Architecture. Faculty of Engineering and Technology. University of Guyana-Turkeyen Campus. Greater Georgetown, Guyana. 

Allyson Stoll Independent Researcher.

Omar Bission Civil Engineer and Project Management Consultant. 

Georgetown’s historical wooden buildings constitute an element of our nation’s architectural heritage. However, over time these structures have fallen into disrepair or have been dismantled or destroyed. This study examines the challenges involved in the conservation of these wooden edifices and their implications for the preservation of other wooden heritage structures. The research is based on a case study of three historic timber buildings in Georgetown: the Georgetown Cricket Pavilion, which is in a state of disrepair; City Hall, which is currently undergoing major rehabilitation; and St. George’s Cathedral, which recently underwent restoration. Using a qualitative approach that will include in-depth interviews, site observation, and content analysis, the study will provide an account of the maintenance differences among structures, and provide lessons that can be instructive in preserving the country’s remaining wooden architectural heritage structures.

Keywords: Architectural heritage, wooden buildings


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The 4th Undergraduate Research Conference (URC22) was hosted by the University of Guyana’s Office for Undergraduate Research on May 18-20, 2022.