Guidelines for Authors (Essays)

Before you commence writing your essays, outlined below are a few points to note:

1. There must be an Introduction, Body and Conclusion. At least three points must be presented in the body of the essay.

2. The introductory paragraph must include the thesis statement informing the readers of the topic to be discussed, your views on the topic, as well as a preview to the main points for discussion.

3. The body must provide evidence for your main points. It should comprise of an effective topic sentence which lets the readers what the paragraph will detail.

4. The concluding paragraph reiterates the main points of the essay and provides a clear and concise summary of the evidence presented. No new information should be introduced.

5. Be sure to use phrases, linking sentences as well as transitional words to aid in guiding your thoughts, and to provide a smooth flow from one idea/main point in one paragraph to another idea/main point in the next.

6. Use British English in your submission (e.g., analyse instead of analyze).

7. Hyphens should be used as opposed to en dashes.

8. The use of acronyms should be avoided unless they are common worldwide. For instance, GGMC should be expounded, while it is not necessary for WHO.

9. Spell out numbers between one and ten (e.g. three instead of 3), and use Arabic numerals beyond ten (e.g. 13 instead of thirteen).


  1. All text must be typed using the Candara font 12 font size; and
  2. The document must be justified with 1.5 spacing, and 1 inch margins.


Word limit: 3000 words.


The Essay must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document to An acknowledgement of receipt will be sent following the submission of the Essay.


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